Amanda Morin

Amanda Morin, Physiotherapist

Amanda is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Masters of Physical Therapy Program. Prior to completing her Masters, she attended McMaster University where she graduated with an undergraduate degree in Honours Kinesiology.

From an early age, Amanda developed a passion for the human body through her involvement in a variety of competitive sports. Dealing with many of her own injuries throughout her time as an athlete, she developed a keen fascination for helping others understand their bodies, their own injuries and ultimately getting others back to the activities they love. Amanda’s philosophy is grounded in the concept of empowerment. She believes in empowering her patients with knowledge, information and choice throughout their healing journey. Through education, manual therapy, and patient tailored exercise programs, Amanda aims to return her patients to their best physical state while preventing further injury. She recognizes that healing is not only physical, and therefore takes a body, mind and spirit approach while conducting patient assessments and treatments. She loves working with athletes, but also thoroughly enjoys working with the geriatric community.

Amanda plans to further her education in pelvic health, manual therapy and acupuncture. In her spare time, Amanda loves travelling, taking walks, and spending quality time with family.

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