Ranil Kumara

Ranil Kumara, Clinical Director, Physiotherapist

Since 1990, Ranil has established a successful group of clinics trusted by patients from all demographics including seniors, children, performers and athletes, to address their health and therapy goals. These clinics provide rehabilitation therapies based on an in-depth assessment of factors such as the mechanism of injury, the time since onset (chronic vs. acute), and sporting/occupational activities of each patient. This assessment is combined with detailed orthopedic testing during the initial consultation to create a full clinical picture. The Greater Toronto Rehabilitation healthcare practitioners use evidence-based, active-oriented rehabilitation to achieve optimum results. Ranil believes that the best clinicians are those who teach their patients how to relieve short-term symptoms and achieve the long-term goals of the healing process by including home programs as part of every treatment protocol.

During his three decades as a physiotherapist, Ranil gained extensive clinical experience and leadership skills. He has worked with a special team of healthcare practitioners at the Artists’ Health Centre at Toronto Western Hospital, providing health services to the arts community in Toronto including dancers, actors, singers, musicians, visual artists and all those who work full-time in the production, training, coaching and support roles of this industry. He was also the consulting physiotherapist for hundreds of members of Mirvish shows, Disney productions, Canstage performances, Toronto Dance Theatre, and many other professional and semi-professional dance companies. He has been certified by the Titleist Performance Institute and Fit4Golf for golf-specific assessments and treatments.

Ranil has been an examiner for both the University of Toronto’s Department of Rehabilitation and the National Physiotherapy Board Examinations. He has also been a member of the on-site rehabilitation team for numerous skating, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and martial arts competitions, and for national level competitions such as the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Competition, Skate Canada Junior Nationals, Skate Canada International, and Skate Canada Festival of Synchronized Skating Championships.