Whether you are a recreational or competitive runner, training for your first triathlon or twentieth marathon, every runner can benefit from a comprehensive assessment delivered by a Registered Physiotherapist that examines your biomechanics, muscle activation patterns and body posture.

The Runner’s Assessment is a physiotherapy assessment that begins with a 360-degree video-recorded running session on a Woodway treadmill. Following this, the physiotherapist will analyze your running biomechanics including foot strike position, stride length, cadence and body posture. Next, the physiotherapist will review all past and present injuries pertaining to running. Lastly, an assessment of dynamic stability and muscle activation patterns will ensure that your body is functioning optimally to permit a healthy running season. After the session, the physiotherapist will provide you with a private YouTube link to your running videos as well as a follow-up report including the biomechanical analysis, physical findings, running tips and exercise recommendations. Goals of the Runner’s Assessment include identifying the root cause of a running-related injury and/or poor techniques that can lead to an injury, as well as establishing a rehabilitation program to correct form and prevent/manage injury.

Cost: $100
Location: The King West Club, 266 King Street West, Lower Level

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