Deval AminResident Physiotherapist

Deval Amin, Resident Physiotherapist

Deval Amin is a Resident Physiotherapist and in good standing with the Ontario College of Physiotherapy. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from India.

She has worked with various groups of patients including post-surgical rehabilitation, acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, geriatric care, and also stroke and Parkinson’s patients.

She strongly believes in active listening to understand her client’s concerns so that she can provide guidance to achieve specific goals. Her treatment approach involves an elaborate assessment followed by the implementation of a client-centered treatment plan which involves education, manual therapy, soft tissue techniques and exercise prescription. She strongly recommends active participation in the treatment protocol for ultimate success.

Deval believes in learning new skills and techniques to upgrade her knowledge. In her spare time, she likes walking, hiking, and adventure travel.