Prachi JajooPhysiotherapist

Prachi Jajoo, Physiotherapist

Prachi obtained her Master in Neurophysiotherapy in 2016 from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. Prior to this, she completed her Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2013 at the same institute. She also completed a graduate certificate course in Autism and Behavioral Sciences in 2017, from Mohawk College.

Prachi believes in utilizing task-specific training in her practice, which enables her to understand the demands placed on the body and the factors which may impede optimal functioning. This approach helps her develop appropriate, focused interventions that fulfill her client’s goals.

Her philosophy is that active involvement of the clients in rehabilitation and a thorough understanding of the condition are vital for the recovery process and for injury prevention. Her practice involves an amalgamation of patient education, manual therapy, soft tissue release techniques, and targeted exercise regimes to obtain the best possible results.

Prachi plans to further her education in manual therapy, pelvic health, and vestibular rehabilitation. In her spare time, Prachi enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, staying active and playing with her furry friends.

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