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Chest Wall, Ribs and Thoracic Spine Mobility
using Ring

Bird Dog – Core, Hip and Back Strengthening
with Neutral Spine

Chin Tuck –
Deep Neck Flexor ROM

Hamstring and Hip Strengthening
using Ball

Hip Abduction Strengthening
with Band

Hip Extension
Lumbar Rotation

Fixed Lunge with Dumbbell


Side Plank

Split Squat

Thoracic Spine Mobilization

Hip Extension on Bench with Band

Shoulder External Rotation using Pulley

Knee Extension Supine

Hip Internal External Rotation Supine

Sumo Squat

Eccentric Calf

Single Leg Dip

Mobility Drill – 4 Point Twist to 3 Point

Lunge Over Bench

Spinal Rotation Side Lying with Ball

Hip Abduction and Extension with Band

Hops Over Bench

Side Step with Band

Sitting Hip Rotations – Internal and External

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