Shannon WilliamsTraditional Chinese Medicine

Shannon Williams, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inspired by her father, a successful hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, Shannon has been practising many forms of holistic and natural medicines for over 15 years. Knowing her calling at a very young age, Shannon has attained numerous diplomas, certifications and training in various forms of the healing arts. As a wellness expert and therapist, she has vast practical experience and is a licensed Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (PTCM); she is a member of the Canadian Society of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (CSCMA) and isĀ  a certified Natural Health Care Practitioner (CNHCP) and a Reiki Master.

Her unique integrated approach to health care combines holistic, natural and modern medical approaches to treat a wide variety of health conditions. She focuses on unravelling complex cases and treats the underlying root cause to any ailment. She takes the time to focus on her client’s individual needs. Her main focus is accelerating the healing process by creating a customized treatment that is as unique as her clients. She profoundly believes that the human body is an integrated whole. A balanced body, mind and spirit is paramount in living a long and health life.

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